We believe success comes faster when you have vision in your daily environment.
Your thoughts create your reality. Motivelt designs each piece of inspirational, high-resolution artwork to help you manifest your best life.

Our Story

Motivelt first got started on YouTube and Instagram by posting motivational & inspirational content on social media. After gaining over 2,300 subscribers, we decided to take what we offer one step further and introduce our motivational & inspirational products to your home. We first sold our products on our Etsy shop but are now offering them on our website as well!

Why we're different

There's nothing original about selling motivational & inspirational art. However, we noticed that all major brands were marking up their prices significantly making them hard to afford for people looking to buy a great looking canvas without spending hundreds of dollars.

That's where we come in—our goal is to offer the best looking and highest quality motivational art that anyone can afford.

How we work

We opted for a direct-to-consumer distribution model focused on getting the best prices possible for our customers. By cutting the middle-man, we're able to sell our high-quality products at a fraction of our competitors' prices.